Knot Exchange

Perhaps just as exciting as knowing a goldrider is single *insert wolf whistle here*, is the fact that two knots have been lost and one gained. Where you say? What knots? Well, it's a known fact that with the Weyrlingmaster all over the map lately in terms of his attitude and appearance, that a few would be unable to manage any longer. Though whether the blame falls to the Weyrlingmaster or perhaps the riders just needing a vacation from everything weyrling, it was a known fact that Islet was down to just one assistant and the weyrlingmaster himself. Until recently.

Much speculation is given about the man's recent choice, knowing that there just may be some sort of family feud going on with one ex-Istan rider in the middle. Some wonder if it's going to be successful. Some wonder if it's just going to drive everyone up the wall. There's a select few that hope it brings peace to Western despite the Istan bronzer having made his home here. Yet, at the end of the day, it's a fact that Lissi has become an Assistant Weyrlingmaster.

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