Eggs on the Sands

Since the recent flight that marked Miraneith's rising for the first time above the skies of Western Weyr, the gawky ungainly queen has begun to grow rounder and rounder, bulkier than ever as the gravid queen awaiting the day when she might finally clutch. Given her previous behavior in clutchings past, it was no surprise to her rider that the gold slipped into the Hatching Grounds very late at night when everyone was in bed to lay her eggs. In secrecy, she accomplished this task, laying two eggs at a time in a series of four rounds, her rider not even being allowed out there to supervise.

When at last the Weyrfolk were allowed into the galleries to view the clutch, they found that the eight eggs had been grouped together in the furthest corner of the sands near the far wall. Miraneith is being very attentive to them, sometimes making it difficult to see the half-buried eggs by lying in front of them, although she will move occasionally, and that's the best time to see them.

Enka has taken up an occasional watch in the galleries, although she has not been down on the sands themselves very frequently. And thus, riders are expected to go out on search to find candidates for the clutch, however with the recent bursting of the Weyr's water pipes, people are bound to be a little grumbly about sharing the Weyr's temporarily limited resources even further.

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