Western's Runnerbeast Dilemma

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Rumors are flying around the Western Ring Islands — Miraneith ate a person, the Weyrwoman chucked a klah mug at a visiting dignitary's head, someone got dropped from the Weyr's fireheights and went splat all over the dusty Weyr Bowl.

You know how rumors can get out of hand?

A little asking around would find that no, Miraneith did NOT eat a person (yet) … the Weyrwoman DID throw a klah mug at someone's head, but it was far from a important dignitary and NO, nobody got dropped from the fireheights to go splat all over the ground. It was only 5 feet off the Weyrwoman's office ledge, courtesy of Miraneith who was not very happy with being woken in the middle of the afternoon.

While Western's Weyrwoman is remaining terse and mum about it, there can be no denying that she basically threw someone out of the Weyr. There's a runner involved, one by the name of The White Lady, and her sevenday old foal. And there just might be some legal trouble brewing on the horizon. But maybe a glowering queen dragon can make everything better.

… for Western's sake, one can only hope.

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