Drought's End

All things must end. That is what the wise say as they nod their heads in the Living Cavern of Western.

It took only two days to fully destroy the massive wildfire that threatened both Half Moon Bay Hold and Western Weyr. There were thankfully no casualties, although one of the Istans was seriously injured due to the capricious winds of the firestorm. F'yr and her brown, who shouldn't have been there in attendance regardless rumors say, were the victims of such nasty events. Zaruath, with his injuries, was lifted to Xanadu Weyr and its dragonhealers for tending - and hopefully to save his wings and ability to fly. Other injuries ranged from smoke inhalation to mild burns for both riders and their dragons from Western, Ista, and even Xanadu Weyrs, and for those without lifemates who worked to save their farmsteads and homes.

Even Junior Weyrwoman Amarante was in attendance to aid with the firefighting. They say the winds even took Theiath, the largest and youngest of the golds on the Isles these days, for a frightening spin into some of the trees.

What the S&R sweepriders of Western are saying is that one pass in the early pre-dawn mornings was quiet, and by the time the sun rose and they made their second pass over the same area, a circle of bonfires was spreading. With the cooling of the earth, investigation has proven that incendiery devices were used - some type of oil helped the blazes go from dangerous to uncontrollable within minutes. There aren't too many people who might wish ill of the weyr enough to try and use a natural disaster like a drought as a means to destroy a weyr and its inhabitants, but those names are starting to float on the breeze in whispers from lips to ears.

The only real comfort is that this fire seems to be the last - the drought has broken as the spring rains have finally arrived in earnest; in fact, it was the initial storm that helped the fire-fighters extinguish this firestorm with its torrential downpour. There will be no more threat of fires from here on out. The question remains, however: will there ever be justice?

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