A Wreck Brings Answers

Though there was still tension on the docks from all the goods that had gone missing, it did seem for so long that there was no obvious pirate activity. The wings continued to escort ships to shore, and there was some rumbles of boredom about being stuck on such a task. As the saying goes 'be careful what you wish for' because apparently all was not well.

One seemingly normal escort duty resulted in a panicked broadcast from the lead dragon to the weyr. The word spread quickly as rescue teams scrambled to get ready and leave - Shipwreck. When they arrived they found the two escort riders doing their best to load up with people. People that seemed to be coming from the hold. Closer inspection found several wounded, a few dead, and a tale that would make any tavern keeper proud.

Things had seemed normal when the escort riders met this ship, little did they know it had been boarded almost immediately after it left for Western and that the real crew were tied up in the hold. Somehow the captain and several crew had managed to get loose, intent on taking back their ship. In the fight that ensued someone made it to deck and hauled on the wheel, turning the ship towards a reef.

Several pirates were captured following the scuffle, all brought back to the weyr and held for interrogation. Exactly how much the weyr's new 'guests' will reveal is very much a cause for speculation.

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