One Kiss for a White Knot

Monsoons can have the most dismal impact on a Weyr's muddy floor, but it can be even more dismal on the moods of it's inhabitants. A bit of searching within those break times, though, could mean the difference between a happy and unhappy mood, which is what poor (or not so poor, depending on your point of view) Xe'res was experiencing during one of his many breaks lounging on the shores of Western's lagoon.

Along came an A'ven and a Kimmila, and not long after a Hadria, some looking for a bath, and others for.. a clipboard? But, Xe'res was looking for more — forgiveness, perhaps, from the assistant headwoman, who could be said to have a distinct hatred for one of Western's resident womanizers.

But, after trying to tempt her unsuccessfully, Xe'res finally offered an ultimatum: in exchange for a kiss to ease his sorrows, he would fix the wrong he'd done to the former Fortian, as well as give her a precious gift: a white-roped ticket onto the Sands on Hatching Day.

Did she give him the kiss? And will Xe'res live up to his promises? Well, only this is for certain: Xe'res was seen going between with Kurouth shortly afterward, and Kimmila and A'ven were seen leaving the lagoon, huge smiles on their faces, the girl with a new rope on her shoulder, the white of a candidate knot.

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