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As everyone knows, Liora is an idiot, and the fact that the Weyrwoman considers her nothing short of about as sharp as a dull crayon in a box of other dull crayons. (and that's saying something nice about her). The rank she holds is goldrider — not junior weyrwoman — which goes to show how much trust or rather the lack thereof the Weyleadership is willing to bestow upon her. Needless to say anyone out enjoying the sunset would have noticed a very peculiar sight indeed — Orraeloth being loaded with baggage and accompanied by what looked like half a wing of dragons as she took to the sky in a very low glide over the water and away.

The fact that they didn't go *between* has those present speculating the reasons for the young gold dragon's departure, and it wasn't long before rumors started sweeping through the lower caverns like wildfire:

"… finally kicked her out."

"… traded to Benden for two skins of wine"

"… two? For what she's really worth, the Weyrwoman made a killing."

However, despite gossip to the contrary, Liora and Orraeloth were not foisted off on some unsuspecting Weyr for two skins of wine or a bead necklace or anything like that. Nor was she exiled (well, depending how one looks at it) or kicked out for good. With a group of Western riders who were striking out for greener pastures and the independent life (good way to start freelancing by babysitting the airhead goldrider safely to her destination) Liora has been bundled off to Ierne WeyrHold and the dragonhealers there for them to poke and prod at Orraeloth and see if there's anything wrong with her, considering the paltry clutch the young gold last laid. And since the worry has always been that Liora would misproject or something and throw them both into the blackness of *between* without a reference point, the entire group is island-hopping their way down the chain of the Western Isles. Which means island cookouts, sleeping on the beach and lots of sunshine.

Officially, the reason why they've gone is to allow the dragonbhealers to examine Orraeloth. Unofficially, she's being got out of the way because there's a certain something about certain gold dragons, and nobody wants to take chances of Orraeloth throwing a wrench into the situation. By the time they've gone to Ierne and returned, the cause for Liora's departure should be well dealt with.

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