Onauth's Clutch Hatches

No amount of threats or worry could stop Raenth's and Onauth's clutch from hatching at Western Weyr. Though some Candidates were missing thanks to the Renegade pirates that have found ways to infiltrate the Weyr, there were still 12 Impressions made. 1 gold, 2 bronzes, 2 browns, 3 blues and 4 greens found their lifemates on the Sands. Among those were:

S'vell (Suvell) and Green Lhayerath
Rhelia and Green Mevalonath
Josi (Josilyn) and Green Baliceauth
F'ian (Finian) and Bronze Gusith
Ixie (Ixieae) and Green Idesaeslitendeth
Xe'res (Xaleres) and Brown Kurouth
Rea (Renae) and Gold Bennueth

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