Miraneith Rises!

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Flights at mid-day are Miraneith's modus operandi, the gold having soaked up the morning sun whilst gathering males of all colors about her before she suddenly and abruptly took to the feeding grounds.

It was there, after wrecking havoc amongst the herdbeasts of the Weyr's stock (an event that is sure to unsettle her rider as Enka had previously complained about misplacing the numbers of herdbeasts available for the Weyr) that Miraneith blooded, the ever constant contest of wills between gold and weyrwoman finally yielding in the woman's favor. And thence, to the skies the queen went, over the Weyr lagoon and far far out to sea, one vain attempt at hiding in a cloud bank did little to shake the pursuit. In the end, it came down to three — Suldith, Quamirth and Glyith left to pursue the queen as she set out for a arrow's path to the sun, only to falter and fall, claimed from a deathly plunge by Glyith. This leaves A'ven still as Western's Weyrleader, and with such a long high flight, the clutch that should result is much anticipated.

OOC: Big big big thanks to A'ven for continuing on as our esteemed Weyrleader, and extra big thanks to Zi'on and Kh'zan for coming to chase! Couldn't have done it without you!

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