Salute Your ... Shorts?

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It would seem that the thief who stole the underwear from the female Candidates has gotten their just deserts. When S'mad, the elderly old watchrider flew up to the Weyr Rim on his old blue, Sanith, to relieve the current watchrider on duty, he could hardly believe his eyes. Tied to a pole, and rippling in the sea breeze was a pair of men's shorts. It would seem that the pranks involving theft of clothing wasn't quite over yet. By the time S'mad had reported — ahem… gossiped! — on what he saw, rumor had already gone out that those shorts had belonged to the underwear thief.

Rumor also had had it that the Weyrwoman might be behind this — because the watchrider on the night shift reported seeing a dragon with a plump tail landing briefly on the Rim, but it couldn't possibly have Miraneith, now could it? Would she even leave her eggs? Regardless of rumor, how the goldrider got the shorts from the underwear thief in the first place is her own business.

OOC Sweet revenge for the girls! And the "real" punishment for the sneaky underwear thief. ;)

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