Where's Wilson?

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According to what S'rorn has informed Zi'on during an early morning breakfast, Wilson is missing! S'rorn seems to think he has shuffled off on his own, but Zi'on suspects foul play was involved. The question is who would want Rorn's creepy stuffie? And why?

OOC: Okay folks, for this next leg of the TP I'm asking people to submit something to me to have go 'missing' over the next week. It should be something personal, but not something that your character can't live without for a few weeks. Also they must needs disappear in a public place. So your favorite magazines you keep under your mattress won't work, but your favorite underwear you send to get washed once a week would. Your character will get them returned to them when the TP wraps up.

@mail or page me the item or items you'd like to see disappear, and over the next week I'll be posting about them going missing in no particular order.

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