Closeted Weyrleaders

Gossip is, as it usually is, rampant about the tunnels of Western Weyr. So was it any surprise then to several patients in the infirmary to find the Weyrwoman striding with some evident purpose into the Weyrleader's office, and although the door wasn't closed entirely, there seemed to be conversation of some type going on in there.

The words, most inaudible, did nonetheless strike a cord with Sorell, one of the Weyr's drudges who happened to be cleaning nearby. Sorell — oft given to exaggerations and a rather curious case of voluntary hearing loss when being assigned certain chores and duties (but one that almost seemed to magically sharpen when eavesdropping) — had been awfully close to the door, so maybe there was something she had heard. But what?

As spoken by the drudge to her fellows, not long after Enka had departed the office, Sorell reported something most unusual.

First there was Weyrleader speaking of "… for a partnership … others will envy … truly … formidable."

And there was the Weyrwoman saying something about "…. want you as a weyrmate … shardin' fine Weyrleader…minded to keep you…"

Followed shortly thereafter by A'ven speaking of "…tomorrow morning for about six hours… difficult."

And Enka's agreement of "Tomorrow mornin'."

Well, there are some who claim that Sorell is just a dimglow, and shouldn't speak about those in power behind their backs and she surely must have had it all wrong. But what if something /is/ going on? After all, Sorell had been close enough to the door that Enka had almost tripped over her on the way out, so she must have heard more than she ought.

Just what did happen? Only two people might know the answer to that one.

OOC: Just a little gossip for you all to toss around. ;) The Weyrleaders had a meeting to discuss the upcoming mating flight of Miraneith, and Enka has expressed her wishes to influence the flight in the favor of the current Weyrleader. While it's not common knowledge for your characters to know, the following conversation occurred like this:

A'ven: "I agree, I think we have the potential for a partnership the other Weyrs will envy… truly envy… uncomplicated and formidable."
Enka: "I might not want you as a weyrmate, but you make a shardin' fine Weyrleader, and I'm minded to keep you there."
A: "I will be… unavailable tomorrow morning for about six hours as I assist with a very difficult eye surgery."
E: "Tomorrow mornin', all right."

As you can see, it's just another case of the old game of a misunderstanding based off parts of a conversation. But let that be a lesson … you know what happens when you assume things as Sorell has discovered.

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