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A notice was posted in the living caverns the other day, nobody is quite sure who put it up. Some might even claim it's the headwoman — intent on punishing the whole candidate group for some imagined transgression — or perhaps real after all, if the girls hadn't kept their underwear where they did, it wouldn't have been stolen right? Whoever posted the note also posted out outside the candidate barracks. It reads:

Hungry for Adventure? Do you like the seashore? Ever wonder what's on the islands in the ocean beyond? Don't even care? TOUGH LUCK! Pack yer bags, wenches and scalawags for thar be adventure afoot!

Word has gone out amongst the candidates and weyrfolk alike. With the eggs on the sands not far from cracking shell, who would be foolhardy enough to send out the entire candidate class for a campout on some forsaken spit of land? Just /where/ are they going to begin with?

There's already whispers of pirates, and buried treasure, but silver and gold might not be the only things that might be found!

OOC: With our last week of candidacy approaching, and the pre-Hatching jitters no doubt beginning, we've got a little fun adventure planned for you all. Starting this Sunday until… whenever, all the candidates get to go on a fun camping trip. /With/ supervision… so don't you go gettin' any ideas there, boys and girls!

We will assemble at 3 p.m. EST and 6 p.m. EST in the Lagoon Shore to begin the fun. The two separate times are to stagger departures for the candidate class, and so that those that miss the first departure can have the fun of taking off on a fateful little trip. It'll /only/ be three hours, the tour guide claims.

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