Recent Events » Uh-oh!

It was early afternoon when a very pregnant brownrider and her lifemate took to the sky, after having wrapped up the day's drills for Archipelago. Moments after them disappearing between though, there was a moment of panic shared amongst those dragons willing to hear it - followed by a reassurance of relief. Not concentrating on her destination before jumping had the pair stuck between for a little longer than expected, leaving Rou'x shaken up when she finally arrived at her destination, Ista Weyr.

Uncharacteristically quivery about the return trip, she's decided to take a few days on the sunny isle to recover at the advice of the Healers, who've confirmed that both mother and baby are fine, just over-tired from trying to work too hard. In her absence, A'wrn has stepped up to his old position to lead Western's Search and Rescue riders, while Rou'x's fair of firelizards are seen constantly hanging around him with a number of handwritten notes. Their contents hasn't been shared, but, knowing what a workaholic the wingleader's become, they're undoubtedly directions for what she wants him to do.

OOC: This came up from something silly that I did, and decided to carry through into IC (I will remember to envision before going between from now on!) XD Feel free to play with it if it'll affect you!

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