Upsie Daisy

It was a typical summer day in Western soon after Bennueth's eggs hatched. A storm on the horizon loomed closer, bringing the first hints of rain and a cooling breeze with it. And thus did the young queen, Theiath, blaze like the setting sun into the sky upon her first flight. It was a long, hard chase over land and sea for N'kor's Nasrinth, L'ton's and M'gan's visiting Dhonzayth and Perianth, and the young Ch'tra's Lihauth. Theiath's path kept them on their draconic toes, even into the teeth of the oncoming gale, but in the end, the brilliant beauty was caught by the patient Lihauth.

Those who have known the girl, a native of Half Moon Bay Hold no less and daughter to greenrider A'tia and brownrider M'ran, through her trials as a Candidate have been prone to giving the girl and her winner sly winks. Ch'tra, one-time Weyrleader of Ista, and the Junior have long been rumored as sweethearts over the Turns, off and on. Since coming to the Weyr as a Wingrider, Ch'tra has been seen with Amarante off and on, and the more romantically inclined are taking private bets as to whether they'll finally be weyrmates.

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