News on Luzath

Most people might remember Luzath… or if they don't, they're not to blame as the story itself was kept quiet, hushed as much as possible since it was an embarrassing predicament. Those that do remember will recall the flightless brown - who was called as such because there had been an injury that made it impossible for the weyrling dragon to fly. Some even recount that the current Weyrlingmaster had propositioned the Dragonhealer Hall for months and months, working tirelessly to ensure the brown pair wasn't lost in the cracks or pushed aside.

It was a man's promise that finally led to Luzath and his rider S'mal being transferred via help from other dragons to Ierne weyrhold, where the DragonHealer Hall could better facilitate the needs of the brown.

Current updates have reported a successful operation to repair the wing which was fractured earlier in life. At this point, the DragonHealer Hall is optimistic about the recovery, but will not guarantee the procedure has worked until the brown heals and is given a chance to exercise and test his wings. Apparently, for the near future, it looks as if S'mal will be rooted to Ierne as everyone involved remains hopeful of a happy outcome. At least, it's made a difference to the mood of one certain red-haired bronze-rider.

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