Changes (Just Kidding!) At Western

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It was supposed to have been a bit of a holiday, with both Orraeloth and Shadhavarth out of the Weyr — for everyone knew that Miraneith rising was quite imminent — those watching the gold could breath a sigh of relief that at least any other potential mating flights could be forestalled and one could relax.

Not that anyone really -could- relax when there was a proddy queen dragon to be had, and right in the heat of the day,Miraneith took to the feeding grounds, but not before scattering the beachgoers at the lagoon shoreline. Blooding her kill, she took to the skies pursued by a host of bronzes and browns, amongst them were brown Indianath and bronze Suldith of Western and bronze Dremkoth of Fort. Far, far out over the water, Miraneith led the chase, and nearly came to grief when (NPC) bronze Chaeth of Western attempted to cheat by diving at her from far above, suffering a gashed tail for his pains and his rider the victim of a flung cocktail glass by the Weyrwoman in the Tiki Lounge.

In the end, it was Suldith who prevailed at ensnaring the queen after a long and exhausting flight, keeping himself and his rider, Zi'on, in the Weyrleader position they have held for the last several turns. And the scene in the Tiki Lounge very quickly turned into a private party for two, as neither Enka or Zi'on were in any haste to depart from that particular location.

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