Tentative Wingbeats

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The latest of rumor swirling around Western Weyr is nothing short of the typical sensationalism that often can be found at the island Weyr. For one thing, there's a very distinctive golden glow about Miraneith whenever the queen appears on her ledge to begin her nightly rounds, sure signs that the sands of Western will soon play host to a clutch once more.

But the imminent rising of the senior queen is not the only thing to catch anyone's attention; the presence of a young gold practicing her flying over the eastern bowl have been noted, Orraeloth finally cleared from the injury list, although Enka still seems firmly strict upon the restrictions laid upon Liora who still seems incapable of doing anything remotely competent — clearly, she's doomed to "make-work" for the rest of her life. Orraeloth has been attempting to fly a bit more than usual, and if one were to look really really hard, they might, just might, see a little bit of shine to the tawdry dross of her coloration, a state that the Senior Weyrwoman does not find particularly amusing. Still, will Miraneith rise before the other gold, and keep tempers from flaring, or will Orraeloth slip her leash, and throw everything into confusion?

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