A Taker-backer?

Recent Events » A Taker-backer?

Fruit, clothes, even stuffies! Things continue to disappear around the weyr inexplicably. This time it's Enka's prized blue necklace, the one she wears around a lot that was given to her by her previous weyrmate. The one who isn't Zi'on. Word is that the weyrwoman is pretty upset, and can't figure out where it could have gone missing, either.

Another item of note that's disappeared is Kaliena's nice new dress. Rumor has it that the weyrleader is the giver in this case. Maybe he's become a taker-backer? Either way, the headwoman is still blaming Zi'on for all the missing paraphernalia. She's even ordered the brats that pick up his laundry to snoop around a bit to see if they can't find anything. Or smell rotting fruit. Needless to say, Zi'on is not amused.

The real question is… what's going to go missing next?

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