Seven, Lucky Seven

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Miraneith has never been one to relish an audience when it comes time for her to clutch her eggs, and without distracting greens or angry bronzes to shield her from unwanted oogling and attention, the queen has resorted to guile and darkness from time to time. Why, one would almost think that she plans things this way, holding off till the early hours of dawn when most everyone is asleep, and ordering that no dragons bring their riders into the galleries or the ledges or allow anyone to enter the galleries from the ground. Although how the ungainly gold managed the last, it's yet to be explained, for with the dawn the Weyrfolk awoke to find that the results of the queen's mating flight with Suldith had been unveiled. While a clutch of seven eggs is not the largest the queen has produced, it's still a sizable number for these modern post-Thread times.

And too, the fact that one of the eggs is so much considerably larger than the others (save for the really purple-looking one that looks positively immense in its own right) and really really shiny is enough to set tongues wagging. Given that it has been over three turns since the gold last rose, and the flight was a long one, is it possible that this might be Western's newest queen? Miraneith's actions seem to indicate so, as she's taken the egg into her personal possession and seems wroth to be parted from it. Speculation's likely to run rampant, and any incoming female candidates will be under intense scrutiny. Who will it be?

Of course, with so many items going missing, an order has been issued. Guard the Hatching Grounds, and don't let anyone out there who doesn't have any authorization to be out there. After all, the next thing that might disappear could be a dragon egg. Even the galleries are considered off limits, but that doesn't stop weyrbrats from sneaking in to peek at the half-buried clutch. Just don't let Miraneith catch you, they say.

OOC: And seven eggs lie on the Hatching Sands. All are NPC, of course. Many thanks go to Kaliena, Iris, S'rorn, and Kayse for their contributions. If anyone wants to contribute to some NPC candidates (perhaps your father …'s cousin's nephew's former roomate) then drop me an @mail or a page and I'll tell you what we need.

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