Hatching Imminent

It's been long enough since the belated clutching by Western's junior gold, Theiath, due to the dragon flu. Perhaps to make up for it, her set of twelve was especially large - then again, for some golds, their first clutches can be their largest. Rea's Bennueth is due to take to the sands at any time - and now that Ameera's Elinath has been caught, that will make a third bound for the sands as well!

Yet, Theiath's own clutch has hardened stoutly all the while. Though Bennueth may take to the sands to produce her own clutch soon, it's a sure bet that soon afterward, the older shells will crack and release their dragons onto the sands and into the waiting throngs of Candidates being gathered for such an unusual display: what amounts to a triple-hatching within months or weeks of each other.

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