Of Fires and Felines

With the recent fire that's happened, more of the local wildlife has pushed closer to the Hold and Weyr for protection, a few rodents becoming more evident in the storage caverns, and other pests that might not be so bothersome in the warmer climate has increased. A few run-ins with wild herds has caused accidents with Hold residents, adding a slightly longer list of ailments the Healer's are treating, besides sunburn.

Along with those noted animals pushed close to the human populace, the search for the animal that caused the herd killing at Western has proven fruitful. The beast, a southern feline as many had suspected, had been found with it's fur a bit scorched, and awfully dehydrated.

With a bit of effort and a nice concoction by the Beastcraft to sedate the animal, the feline has been locked up and kept away at Western Weyr…

Rumours of a brand found on the animal has spread through Western like wildfire, though the leaders of the Weyr are keeping relatively hush-hush on the subject. Though who knows, maybe an apprentice or two has seen a peek of the animal? But, who would bring a southern feline to Western's shores, and who in their right mind would want to own one? Is it some devious plot by the Lord Holder, that the Weyr doesn't know about? As the rumours spread about the feline, the stories become more exaggerated, making some wonder at the true story.

And further, was that the only feline, or are there more let loose on the Emerald Isles? Too many questions, and not enough answers, as Western's leaders try to piece together the puzzle…

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