Rescue on the Ridge

Distress calls ran through the weyr one afternoon as both bronzes, Nasrinth and Raenth, called resue riders to the viewing ridge beyond the mine entrance. When rescue riders arrived including the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman, it was a confusing scene. Weyrsecond T'eo's children sat at the ridge-top beside a demolished bench, the boy, Aereo, sporting a broken arm and sprained ankle. The girl, Teila, pointed the riders to the cliff edge. Over it could be seen both Weyrlingmaster N'kor and T'eo on a ledge just beneath, the Weyrlingmaster slashed to pieces and covered in blood while the latter tended to his injuries. And what's even odder, both men were reported to be getting along handsomely despite N'kor being semi-conscious.

So what had taken place? According to Teila and T'eo's tales-N'kor being locked up in the infirmary with the boy-, the children had been playing too close to the ridge when Aereo had slipped and fallen over the edge. On the ledge to where he'd fallen was a feline's den and upon noting the presence of the large cat N'kor, the closest adult present at the time, took it upon himself to protect the boy. T'eo arrived shortly after, but as Aereo was hauled up N'kor was attacked. T'eo secured his son and after wresting loose a board from the bench on the ridge lept down to -his- rescue. In the end the feline was slain and thrown over the side, but not after leaving the Weyrlingmaster with no use in his right arm and gaping wounds from her mauling.

Naturally with the publically known feud between both riders there is much speculation. T'eo did have a short knife on him at the time. It doesn't help that the infirmary at Western is now at limited access… but T'eo seems unphased by the rumors. In fact not more than a day after the event, he was seen riding out into the jungle on runner back. Some say to go find the feline… if some other hasn't eaten her yet.

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