Flight of the Lizard Queen

Recent Events » Flight of the Lizard Queen

For once, board daylight was not the time that Miraneith took to the skies (although there had been that one time at dawn) for as the sun dipped towards the western horizon, the queen emerged from her diurnal slumbers and made right towards the feeding grounds. Time tempered her, perhaps, no longer did she need her rider to remind her to blood. Carnage ensued, Western's senior leaving devastation in her wake. Taking to the skies with her suitors in hot pursuit, it was a long and dizzying flight, Miraneith seeking as usual to evade her pursuit by heading right into the blinding glare of the setting sun.

In the end, it was Suldith who saw, Suldith who came and Suldith who conquered — leaving Zi'on very firmly entrenched in the Weyrleader's seat, despite the hopes of some who may have coveted it for themselves. So the Weyr remains in the leadership of Enka and Zi'on, and little is unchanging… save for the fact that there will be a clutch on the Western sands in due time.

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