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There were some who whispered that Miraneith's clutch /would/ never Hatch. That the queen had somehow spirited away her eggs, and all that was left was a bunch of empty sand mounds. After all, the clutch was overdue to break shell, and well done dragonets might not appeal to anyone.

But then again, with Orraeloth and her two eggs on the sands, perhaps Miraneith felt inclined to remain, broody and foreboding over the junior queen, but somehow, it all worked out because the humming began very shortly after lunch, and well-fed spectators crowded the sands to watch as a full ten dragonets could be found clawing their way from the mounds at the back of the Hatching Cavern under the watchful eye of Miraneith and Suldith. From this clutch resulted:

Killer of the Frozen Seas Bronze Hydrugath Impressed by L'ynx (Leptonyx)
The Perfect Predator Bronze Ifasciatath Impressed by Tr'kis (Triakis)
Basking in the Glow of Sunny Golden Brown Phalanthath Impressed by Alanta
Oooey Gooey Slimy Slithering Brown Maximith Impressed by L'max (Limax)
Sea Dragon of Paradise Brown Echaeyloreth Impressed by Pardali (Gerik)
Soft and Furry Hunter in Ice Blue Zamenith Impressed by S'la (Situla)
Wandering Through The Blessing of Nature Blue Pantherinaeth Impressed by Uncia
Lumbering Along Munching on Greenery Green Mochelyth Impressed by Adali
Dragons Don't Croak or Hop, Do They? Green Ranath Impressed by Pipi
A Hardy Little Oddball of a Green Acutiroth Impressed by Poma

OOC: The clutch was inspired by "leopard" animals in honor of the fact that Miraneith is based off a Leopard Gecko. They include:

Leopard Seal
Leopard Slug
Leopard Shark
Northern Leopard Frog
Clouded Leopard
European Rat Snake (aka Leopard Snake)
Leopard Moray Eel
Leopard Tortoise
Leopard Bushfish
Leopard Butterfly
The names of the dragonets and their Impresses come from the scientific names for each individual creature. See if you can match them with the common names from the list above!

I uh … meant to get this out sooner, but kept getting sidetracked. (Not to mention trying to figure out which "leopard" animals to use) Orraeloth is still on the sands, but with only two eggs, it won't be long before anyone can start to make guesses about her clutch — or if they'll even Hatch.

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