The Weyrleader knew the location, just not where to land… but after sweeps flew over the small island just near the Western continent, the encampment was easily spotted and the riders dispatched. Ships came to short just after, having been sent ahead with coordinates but no further knowledge. It was clear the Renegade pirates had not been expecting the attack. They had begun to load their ship, but were doing so with an almost lazed slowness.

The main encampment and ship were secured, Green Daeannth and her rider N'bis ferrying all able hostages back to Western. Foreign riders had joined the ranks including one hostage, Fyra's, mother Rupa who managed to take in the Pirate second in command, Gryna and the bosun, Aruin. No rider or Western civilian was killed in the attack, but the pirate Captain Jaeson was dispatched after a long chase through the woods. T'eo and C'rro, Istan rider of bronze Lupiciuth, with the other bronze and brown riders, ran head first into the imposing captain who had Fyra with him. Sending the other riders ahead the two chased him down on foot in the dense jungle. After a series of words exchanged and Fyra held to knife point once more, she was relieved of her captor by bronze Raenth who had followed his rider's wishes and dropped in over head. Jaeson was last seen disappearing between in the dragon's talons.

Cheers of victory were had by many. In fact the only one who doesn't seem to think good of the rescue was Fyra who had been seen kicking the Weyrleader in the mouth after he freed her from her leg bonds. Those pirates captured have been sent to the mines on Blue Flame island to work to their dying day. Fyra and a couple others have been resigned to the infirmary for their wounds. Perhaps things may finally return to normal.

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