A Sickness at Western

After the recent events of fires around Western Weyr, many had thought the final appearance of rain calmed the area; leaving little for the riders themselves to do, but keep an eye out for the Holds, and to fall back into the regular routine. And for a while, all seemed in order on the Emerald isles… a few coming in to be treated for headaches, and other minor aches and pains, which the Healers attributed to smoke inhalation from the nearby fires.

As the weeks passed, though, several of the Weyrfolk began complaining of stomach cramps and vomitting, making the Healers seclude those few into the infirmary for treatment, as they try to narrow down the cause of these problems. Even rumors of one of S'chez' companions throwing a fit in the Living Caverns, screaming of deception, and people out to kill him… though, that is being kept hush hush— or as much is possible, with S'chez's habit of gossiping.

But how long can Healers possibly keep these problems under Weyrfolk awareness, much less that of the nearby Holds? Does this have anything to do with the last fire, now acknowledged as not caused by natural means… or maybe even that branded feline, sequestered deep in Western, and kept out of sight from all those except Western's Leadership? Or maybe, it's just the dragon illness, having mutated itself in some fashion? Once again, there are many questions and so few answers for those of Western Weyr, as events unfold beyond anyone's control…

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