Attention Candidates

It seems someone has gone and planted an evil little idea in the Headwoman's head. And this evil little idea sprouted into a plot, which bloomed into a plan and this flower was named: action. Thus, it came to be: The Candidate Uniform. This is /mandatory/ to be worn by /all/ candidates. Any candidate spotted without it shall receive extra chores.. Or babysitting of the evil twins (A.K.A - Menea's twins). Below is the uniform:

The candidate uniform is a complete and total eyesore. It consists of a bright pink shirt with long, puffy sleeves with neon yellow frills at the cuffs. The front has a row of buttons sewn onto it, but they don't actually button into anything. They're present solely for decoration. The poor candidates are also made to wear a pair of shorts which have been dyed a horrific lime green color and end just above the knee. The belts issued with these are a deep blue color, but they seem marred with smears that occassionally look more like purple splotches. The whole ensemble is rather difficult to look at.

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