Out in a Blaze of Glory

Perhaps is was the surly nature of this particular batch or maybe just disorganization in the aftermath of current events. With a Weyrwoman rumored to be love struck and a Weyrleader spending so much time between the resort and the docks, it might have been difficult for the Weyrlingmasters to let them know of the need for a celebration

For why, you ask? Well, for graduation! That's right, this little batch of heros and villains are ready for what it really means to be a rider at Western. As long as they don't tear down the Weyr. Recently power failures in the barracks have become more frequent, ode to a bit of wiring that was poorly repaired after one or two of the little ones decided to chew on it. The barracks is going to be in need of a good facelift… assuming anyone can bring the Leaders' attentions to it any time soon.

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