Troubling Tales

It was past the ten thirty watershed, that time of night when taverns full of sailors have seen enough alcohol that it becomes story time. Stories, which usually end in declarations of 'an' that's the honest truth, I swear t'ye.' One such tale spreading from Western has been stirring up some attention, and while the original was told with different voices for the characters, and all descriptions of boats and sailors given in rhyme, you will have to settle for the abridged version.

While not unusual for boats to get delayed, or even for boats to get slightly lost if the crew is new, it is unusual for ships to arrive at port thanks only to the tide. The boat in question, according to the shipping manifests, was due to deliver a small cargo of fabric but was over two days late when it washed ashore, devoid of cargo and crew. There were no obvious signs of a struggle, no bloodstains or anything of that sort, they had all just… vanished. The only thing left to show any signs of foul play was a piece of parchment pinned to the mast by a dagger, though that simply boasted the number 3.

Are pirates once more stirring up trouble at Western? Is there something altogether more sinister going on than just theft? Did they actually vanish clean into thin air? Whichever it is people are concerned, and extra patrols of the island's coastline have been ordered.

An' that's the honest truth, I swear t'ye.

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