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While morning might be considered a perfectly acceptable hour to be born, really early oh-Faranth-what-time-is-it? is NOT considered an acceptable hour for a Hatching. Nevertheless, that is exactly the precise moment that Miraneith and Suldith's clutch broke shell, which resulted in the viewing galleries being full of people in various states of undress (a rather shocking sight for the few Holders who did manage to attend the Hatching) and the Weyrwoman was seen wearing a rather nice little nightgown with a lot of frills and lace on it.

Amongst the seven Impressions, the results went as follows:

Tawdry Trinket Gold Orraeloth Impressed to Liora
Southern Comfort Bronze Nuorbboth Impressed by T'vet (Trevet)
Ruler of the Parade Brown Rosconth Impressed by G'rik (Gerik)
Incredibly Bacchanalian Blue Kreweth Impressed by Zwi
Illusory Pretensions Green Madaneth Impressed by Greta
Sweet and Savory Pastry Green Tianath Impressed by N'ven (Naveen)
Walking the Walk of Shame Green Ghaith Impressed by Vanya

Rumor has it — well, to be perfectly honest, the Weyrwoman has made no bones about it — that the newly Impressed goldrider is about as sharp as a dull crayon in a box of other dull crayons. Needless to say, it's possible that Western might be trying to foist this one off on some other unsuspecting Weyr in the near future.

OOC: Thanks go to Kaliena, Kayse, Iris and Sr'ron for their contributions to the NPC clutch. The hatchling information will be posted on the wiki within the next few days.

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