Theiath's Clutch Hatches

With time, all things heal - or, in this case, harden on the hatching sands. Theiath's (off-camera) clutch of seven eggs began to rock and the dragons began to hum. The fiery, temperamental gold crooned at each of her and bronze Tunseth's babies out of their shattered cases and into the willing, waiting arms of (NPC) Candidates.

The end tally was:

Frothing Bovine Bronze Cormanth impressed to H'xad
Doom Gaze Brown Gnuith impressed to Pl'iny
Talking to the Trees Green Xuxanth impressed to B'lee
Eye of the Beholder Blue Gygath impressed to Te'ry
In Need of Asbestos Blue Elminsth impressed to Z'eb
He's a Maneater Brown Eberreth impressed to Ku'ndrak
One Sick Chick Green Avith impressed to M'onte

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