Egg's o'Crackin at Western Weyr

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The eggs currently warming on the sands at Western Weyr have been baking for a good long time now, their dam has been attentively turning and caring for them, growing more and more broody as time goes on. No doubt Miraneith wants free of the sands, and there's equally no doubt that the candidates are eagerly anticipating the day of Hatching as well.

Luckily for all, the day draws nigh! The Weyr has begun preparations for a Hatching Feast, and the invitations have been sent far and wide. The first Hatching that Western has held in a good long time is looked forward to with eager anticipation.

OOC: Western Weyr's Hatching will take place at 6:00 PM EST/3:00 PM PST on Sunday, July 31st. Bring your family, bring your friends! To watch from the galleries, +go wew, then hg, g

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