Arrgh, 'tis a Hatching Says I!

Almost as soon as Miraneith took to the sands, the searchriders went out across Pern to seek out candidates for the queen's clutch. It seemed funny in a way, that such a large number of candidates were Seacrafters, but maybe there was a reason.

In any case, the eggs warmed on the sands, properly brooded by a fiercely protective queen, for the required number of sevendays. And then, just after lunchtime, the eggs were ready to hatch. All of the hatchlings seemed to have watery ideas in mind because in the end, it was the seacrafters who found themselves paired with some fine mateys and wenches.

The results of Miraneith and Glyith's clutch went as follows:

The Queen's Revenge Bronze Chaeth Impressed by E'wrd (Edward)
Where's My Jar of Dirt Brown Jasparroth Impressed by J'ck (Jaack)
Stealing Away the Wraith Blue Nreth Impressed by I'oz (Ioroz)
Leave No Survivors Blue Roberth Impressed by W'ley (Westley)
Lady of the Wine-Dark Sea Green Teutath Impressed by Illyri
The Sea Queen Green Rannieth Impressed by Gracyee
Commanding the Morning Star Green Morganadath Impressed by Gena (Geena)
The Sea Witch Green Tiolath Impressed by J'miah (Jesamiah)

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