Careful Consideration

Almost a sevenday since her maiden flight, gold Theiath has shown no signs of the cough that Nasrinth has developed. Part of the fateful flight indeed, alongside L'ton's Dhonzayth, the gold has remained sunning herself on her ledge or feeding in the pens as necessary, back to her usual aloof and largely unfriendly self. Amarante has reported no change in the gold's condition, and it seems as if the eggs developing in the young queen are proceeding apace. The dragonhealers of Western detect no abnormalities, but caution that it may simply be a matter of days before she begins to show signs of the cough that's affecting the dragons of other weyrs.

As if to prove them wrong, however, Theiath has begun warding off any and all dragons from her lair, mentally telling them they aren't welcome anywhere near it and growing angry if they don't abide by her wishes. Riders have to come on foot, and in fact Amarante meets them in the lower caverns to be on the safe side. Rumor has it that Theiath isn't even allowing her rider's three flits to sleep in the caverns either! One can only guess at how she'll react when it's time for her to clutch, but bets are already being made as to the gold's Eastern temper getting the better of her and keeping out anything remotely draconic that tries to enter the sands.

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