Theiath's Clutch Hatches

It was evening. The dragons hummed. The eggs cracked. And in the end, twelve new Candidates were added to Western's rider complement from Ch'tra's bronze Lihauth and Amarante's gold Theiath. (All NPCs)

Crimson-Streaked Hunchback Bronze Gillaith and Y'von (Yuvon)
Belle of the Ball Green Tinarath and Winnie
Pancakes and Liquor Brown Ardeuth and Vysara
Gluttonous Plump Green Usith and Trixee
Spy in Your Midst Blue Meirdith and H'an (Haman)
When the Saints Come Marching Brown Oreith and D'nor (Delenor)
Buttery Beignet Brown Brunaeth and F'raen (Foraen)
Keeping the Faith Green Sabrynth and Gi'dor (Girondor)
Sweet Baby Cakes Green Dulcith and L'ir (Leonir)
My Flag Boy and Your Flag Boy Blue Kintorath and Lyra (Lyrastra)
I've got the Rhythm Brown Brinth and P'ter (Porter)
Surely You Jest! Blue Oogarokth and D'ter (Dexter)

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