Hatching Draws Closer

With the passing of time, all has remained relatively quiet at Western Weyr, save for the typical ruckus of a few pirates off the coast… it's nothing unusual for the tropical Weyr. In the amount of quiet that has persevered at the Weyr, bets have been exchanging hands on the current clutch that in on Western's sands, many eyes turned to the hardening shells and keeping an eye on the gold herself. For it's only a matter of time before the eggs will hatch, and bring forth Western's newest batch of Weyrlings. And Faranth knows it's been odd enough that the candidates have kept themselves mostly out of trouble… the most paranoid of residents holding their breath, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Either way, the shells appear rather solid, and Sevaruth cares for them, daily… and with each passing day, the bets bring the date closer at hand…

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