Trouble in Paradise?

Recent Events » Trouble in Paradise?

The gossip mill around Western Weyr is all aflutter today. Shadhavarth took to the skies, and Ila'den and Iris's weyr was not quite welcoming to would be suitors. Those who managed to get to the weyr for the flight were treated to a scene of destruction- overthrown, shattered table, a kitchen full of flour and glass, and floured, bloody footprints trailing from kitchen halfway through the sitting room. What could have happened? Fortunately for the pair, visitors wre booted out quickly after the flight, save the one guest unexpected to stay: flight winner Loxiath.

It was a shock to Iris and Ila'den when Teimyrth failed to be more clever than Shadhavarth's trickery, but indeed the brown sun worshipper was the only one to beat Shadhavarth at her own games. Whether he proves a dutiful clutchfather remains to be scene… what we know is that the sands are about to get even busier, and the barracks may be all too uncomfortably full in the not too distant future.

To further stir the gossip mill, a number of residents spotted Iris alone in the infirmary shortly after the flight, and she left with feet bandaged up and a gait looking quite tenderfooted. Whatever is going on with the paradise Iris and Ila'den set up for themselves? Whatever it is, it is a good thing the babies and Kiltara weren't home!

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