Western's Watershed

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With the termination of the rain around Western island, and the return of the sunshine, the residents of the island can enjoy the delightful weather of autumn — which can be quite nice in a tropical location.

The floodwater is receding around the island, but the rivers and other waterways are swollen torrents of frothy rapids — all heading out to sea. Swimming is inadvisable at this time particularly in major rivers where the undertow can be quite strong.

As the rivers, creeks and streams flow out into the ocean around the island, a certain … murkiness seems to taint the waters — detritus and debris carried along by the current towards the ocean. Stirred up sediment and dirt and sand and coastal run off is causing the ocean waters to look rather cloudy and brown.

Worries arise — with a healthy tourism industry on the island, the unpleasant look of the water is sure to turn anyone off. Who wants to go swimming in that? Everyone who has a reason to be near an outlet to the ocean be it river, creek or stream, has been advised to avoid entering the water there. At least the residents of the Weyr can be grateful that the lagoon beneath the arch is relatively clear and clean.

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