Dragons Keen

Tragedy. The entire Weyr feels it. Young Alyalyssa and her brown Schieumoth were not scheduled to do a practical *between* lesson and yet they were suddenly and abruptly lost *between*. Reports say that while the Weyrlingmaster and an Assistant Weyrlingmaster were giving a group of Weyrlings a practical *between* lesson when Schieumoth was prompted to take the leap. As it were, clutch sibs of Alyalyssa are already informing the public that Alyalyssa had failed at her visualization tests and had been the last of their clutch still with a weyrlingknot on. Some speculate that she got fed up and wanted to prove to the Weyrlingmaster that she could do it. Unfortunately, everyone today feels the outcome of that decision.

Unfortunately, the newly paired weyrlings are feeling it the most it becomes difficult to fathom such a loss, their young dragon's minds adding to the confusion, loss, hurt, and pain everyone feels. Fingers are no doubt pointing to the Weyrlingmaster… It might be too soon to tell what if anything will befall upon the man, if he will be punished or held accountable for the loss of a dragon. For now the grieving of the loss is most important…

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