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Mid morning is perhaps the best time for a Hatching, particularly when the sun is shining and there's a Hatching Feast being prepared with plenty of delicious goodies to be enjoyed by all. And so it was at Western Weyr, when Miraneith and Glyith's eggs began to rock and shake, and the hum sounded through the Weyr to let all present know that the Hatching had begun. When it was over, the resulting total of the dozen eggs that previously had lain upon the pale sands tallied out to 1 gold, 2 bronzes, 3 browns, 2 blues and 4 greens. Among the noteworthy Impressions were:

PC Impressions
Autumn's Last Glow Gold Shadhavarth - Iris (Idris)
Devoured by Winter's Night Bronze Teimyrth - Ila'den (Kilarden)
Unmasking the Ugly Truth Bronze Velokraeth - Th'ero (Kelthero)
Omen of the Gods Brown Loxiath - V'ric (Velrich)
Caught Drinking in the Bramble Brown Nyzieroth - S'rorn (Sororn)
A Lovely Little Green Taiyokanth - Raev (Raevella)

NPC Impressions
Lord of Appearances Brown Nebtawyth - M'cha (Meshcha)
Sailing the Wide Summer Sea Blue Azimuth - Kashie
Pitter-Patter Blue Opicheskiduth - R'oy (Rory)
Blooming in Springtime Green Gaeath - St'nes (Steines)
Add A Squirt of Lime Green Maitayth - Teniqua
Wealth of Water Lillies Green Nymphaeath - Dalima

OOC: Thank you to our wonderful group of Candidates, who made this a cycle that is sure to be remembered. And thank you to a wonderful awesome and super SearchCo. Ae'gus, A'ven, K'yr, Liandyn, Lissi and Zi'on, I couldn't have done this without you!

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