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With both Miraneith and Shadhavarth on the sands, the two clutching queens made for a grand total of seventeen eggs and the bets and speculations were flying wildly about just what might be within those eggs, and whether or not the Weyrlingmaster staff was going to go absolutely insane from such a large group of weyrlings of nearly the same ages. Questions were, for the moment half-answered, when the humming began at Western Weyr, signaling the imminent hatching of Shadhavarth and Teimyrth's clutch. From that clutch came a total of 1 bronze, 2 browns, 2 blues and 2 greens. The results were logged into the Western records as follows:

One Does Not Simply…. /Pick/ a Lifemate Bronze Bormith Impressed to L'jos (Lajos)
I Don't Always Hatch From My Egg But When I Do I Am Brown Dosquith Impressed to G'xxar (Gulxxar)
Cool Story, Brown Lanzuuth Impressed to Hansel
Hatch All The Blue Hyperboleth Impressed to H'lf
Forever Alone Blue Olsoth Impressed to Enola
Not Sure If I'm Green Or If That's Just Egg Goop Siltyth Impressed to F'ry (Frye)
Keep Calm and Green On Tairath Impressed to Klara

This leaves Miraneith and Suldith in sole possession of the Western Hatching Grounds, and their clutch of ten is expected to hatch in the near future. That Hatching is greatly anticipated, particularly by the candidates who still remain in the candidate dorms. One can never be too sure that the new weyrlings installed in the weyrling barracks at this time aren't staking out the best couches, but perhaps the weyrlingmaster and his staff will take pity on those still candidates and assign sleeping places for the current weyrlings so everyone has a good place to rest in the future.

OOC: With our NPC clutch hatched, we can greatly look forward to the grand finale of Western's Spring 2013 clutch cycle when Miraneth and Suldith's clutch hatches on Sunday, March 7th at 7 PM EST. Come cheer our candidates on, and see what hatches out of our fruitastic eggs!

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