The Glitter Embargo

Nobody quite knows how it got through weyr legislature, but one day, there it is: The Glitter Embargo.

Its terms? A total ban on anything designated small, sparkly, and shiny enough to catch and reflect light. Sequins. Glitter. Even rocks and sprinkles small enough to be considered glitter-y in quality are treated as suspect and have grounds for confiscation by dutiful if not vaguely incredulous enforcers.

Some suspect this might be an elaborate prank set out by weyrstaff, while others whose livelihood apparently depends on the stuff are crying foul and attempting to get the embargo repealed as soon as possible.

Until it is, though, any necessary sparkle transactions will have to be handled on the black market!

OOC: Just a little knot-inspired flavor text for your RP. Enjoy (or bemoan) this brief reprieve as you will. ;)

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