Perhaps it was Leirith inspired glitter bombs, or maybe it was the metric ton of glitter in our beloved weyrleader’s office. Whatever the reason was, the Glitter Embargo has only escalated, and the pressure may have cracked R’hyn. Early this morning a handpicked task force (nicknamed the glitter squad) was assembled with the express purpose of searching goods for the banned substance as they are being brought into the weyr. Glitter prices have naturally skyrocketed making for a hefty profit for anyone who can import it for the guerrilla warriors still fighting the embargo. Is there an end in sight to this madness? Probably not.

Someone snuck into the office while the poor man was passed out, and gave him the manliest glitter beard of all time complete with sparkly fur lined slippers.

The Sea and Dolphin crafts have issued a warning to those who have been Bedazzled not to use the easily accessible lagoon to remove the substance as it may have unforeseen consequences on the local wildlife and fish populations.

OOC: More silly fun, our flavor post has evolved into a full on mini-tiny-plot with its very own tag #GlitterEmbargo. Want to join the task force to obliterate craft herpies from Half Moon? Or perhaps you prefer the Resistance, fighting for the right to remain fabulous. Have fun with it, that is the entire point.

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