Game Changer!

Things have been rather busy over in Half Moon Bay Weyr. Rather… things have been busy in the Leadership offices. What started out as some innocent seasonal cleaning developed into full-fledged office warfare between rider's Ila'den and Kadesh. Desks have been moved into strategic positions and furniture used to fortify their area's of attack… This wasn't big enough. Soon, L'ton and Aglaia's desks were added to the fray but it still wasn't enough. There was one desk left, dusty and not in use. Someone needed to fill it, someone needed to shift the power so one team can end up victorious!

What do you do in situations like these?! Office Warfare is serious business!

It seems fate is leaning on the side of office warfare in the form of a recently transferred bronzerider. After a quick dust and polish, poor R'en has been added to the fray. Whether Half Moon Bay's new Weyrsecond sides with Team Kadesh or Team Ila'den, only time will tell.

OOC: Warm Welcome and Condolences to our newly tapped Weyrsecond and staffbit R'en! Send him all your love! >:D

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