A thunderous boom rocked the coast, sending debris flying over the stretch of beach between Blue Fire Hold and the local Eston Fishing Village. Looming in the sky overhead is a billowing cloud of black smoke and ash, dancing with flames as it blocks out Rukbat's pre-dawn glow. Alarms begin to sound, undulating wails echoing off of the cliffs and hillsides to warn residents of the developing disaster.

Dolphineers have been summoned to survey the site of the explosion, reporting that one of Blue Fire Hold's barges carrying natural gases for export has been ignited, creating a chain reaction that destroyed a second moored nearby. The call goes out for all Healers in the area, the hold is in distress! As crews on land and in sea begin searching for survivors, the results appear slimmer by the minute. One thing is for certain, Blue Fire Hold's heir, who was present that morning is missing, and the dock he was last seen on just moments before has been reduced to splinters. Alexryin is nowhere to be found.

Half Moon Bay Weyr has been summoned to assist in any way possible, yet their answer will be delayed. Disaster loves company as the glowing queen Celimoth bugles her challenge to anyone in threat of rising at any time. All available, blue and greenriders have been sent ahead for aid and damage control…

OOC: Just an itty bitty teeny weenie yello-er, ahem disaster IN PROGRESS. So, if you're a chromatic dragon not on edge waiting for the queen to take rise, feel free to come out to Blue Fire Hold's Harbor. All Healers and Dolphineers are welcome. Have none of the above? NPCs are welcome, too, if you want to have a little short RP. (+go hmw, wb, et, hmb, wic, bfh!)
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