As soon as the fire has been put under control by Sea Craft, Half Moon Bay Weyr's Search and Rescue wing Archipelago has been swarming over the distant Hold and surrounding seas. Few people have been found since the initial explosion, some drifting out at sea and brought in by the Dolphineers while others have been found in land by sweepriders and ground crews. The crews of both barges have been lost. Just as the grim news was to be delivered to Lord Alexavanian and Lady Halyria, their son as been found. A green dragon on sweeps discovered what was thought to be debris washed up upon the rocks. Upon closer inspection, it was the body of Alexryin, battered and unconscious but alive.

Too dangerous to risk a trip between in his condition, the heir has been transported by wing to the Infirmary at Half Moon Bay Weyr to receive critical care. His timing could only been a miracle as the Infirmary was already on standby for a disaster of another kind. Gold Celimoth has taken to the air and all able bodied bronze and brown dragons have given chase until her path of destruction was put to a bloodied halt by bronze Xermiltoth. Once again, blue and green leads the way to keep things in order!

Dark whispers slowly start to emerge on what could've caused such a tragedy for Blue Fire Hold. One thing is for certain - Investigators from the Harper Hall are going to be very, very busy.

OOC: Half Moon Bay Weyr's OOC Search is officially open and we are now accepting applications through June 17th! Once your character is approved on the grid, type 'search me' to apply! See '+help candidate' in game for further information. Special thanks to all those that put their name in to stop Celi's reign of terror. Notably: Teimyrth, Marzoth, Saumath, Sindrieth, Dolth, Leketh and Kamysth!
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