Western's Grand Finale

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After the excitement of the previous Hatching that Western had experienced such a short time ago, well, it could be no surprise that the clutch of the senior pairing of the Weyr was looked forward to with great enthusiasm, and great anticipation, particularly on the part of Miraneith who just wanted off the sands already. And hatch they did. The resulting clutch spilled forth 2 bronzes, 3 browns, 2 blues and 3 greens. among the noted impressions were:

Paladin of the Cosmos Bronze Sidarith who Impressed to Rh'ad (Rhadan)
Gifted With Magic Brown Vereduth who Impressed to I'o (Iolain)
Radioactive Rubber Pants Blue Irkevalath who Impressed to Sundari
Tiny Dancer of the Skies Green Danzleith who Impressed to Zu'to (Kazuto)
Fluttering from Flower to Flower Green Espeth who Impressed to R'bel (Rhabel)

OOC: Big thanks go to our candidates who've become our lovely weyrlings. We're so glad to have you here with us. And to a great SearchCo, who worked so hard to make this a good cycle. And to our spectators, despite the fact that the MUSH decided to make us all sit on pins and needles by lagging terribly just before the event. Thank You all around!

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