Celimoth and Xermiltoth's Eggs Hatch

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It was a dark and stormy, uh, somewhere between lunch and dinner time. The sky hungs heavy over Half Moon Bay, rain falling in great, ponderous drops with no visible intent to clear anytime soon. It is at this time, in that sort of weather that dragons began to hum with a summons to the sands. All ten of Celimoth and Xermiltoth's eggs eventually rocked, cracked, and hatched.

The PC pairings are:

Xyvette (Elixyvette) & Ancient Sandstone Etched Brown Nehehkath
Catwin & A World With No More Night Blue Fascath
S'van (Sevran) & Rubik's Complex Curmudgeon Bronze Aedeluth
Citayla (Citazyleat) & Lightning Before the Thunder Gold Ilyscaeth
Baylee & Hoper of Far-Flung Hopes Green Myrakath
Aine (Taline) & Tantalizingly Tropical Green Sakrayeth

The NPC pairings are:

Nadarya & Time for a Butt-Kicking Green Tuoferiath
Le'em (Emelio) & A Case of Deja Vu Brown Mnemth
Que'sa (Quesadian) & Unruffled and Unconcerned Blue Gallinth
H'yu (Heyyu) & Paragon for a Peaceful Nation Green Katsuoth

Thanks again to ALL of our Candidates and our shiny new Weyrlings! <3

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