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Recently, a new face has been seen around the Weyr, though perhaps not unfamiliar to some who once dwelled at Ista or have worked with the Glasscraft. Kira and her blue dragon Kolath have made the transfer to Half Moon Bay Weyr, bringing along with them advanced knowledge of the Glasscraft and another blue to help fill out Half Moon's Seamount wing.

Strangely, around the same time, a rumor has started circulating about things going missing. Never anything of importance, just odd little things like a single sock or shoe or bauble left unattended. Sometimes, they re-appear, sometimes not.

(OOC: Hey all. Older player from Ista who just returned. Feel free to poke me for RP. Kira is available for IC glasscraft commissions so that's a good Rp hook. Also, Kolath has a very slight tendency to be a chaos-causing scamp so feel free to have to track him/Kira down to recover something that's gone missing. His badness level is sometimes unusually high for someone his size.)

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